Berfikir Sejenak…..

Dipetik dari kata-kata Omar Hossino :

Do you read alot of books? Do you think you are getting more “intellectual” by reading them; or that your smartness level is going up? Do you think this is really benefiting you in life.

Books are an industry. Please wake up. Yes, there are good books – but beware of this disclaimer!…

Why do books have nice covers? Why are they hard cover, and why do they always have these really cool title? Hello… they are trying to SELL the book to you so they can make MONEY. The reason people want you to buy a book is to (1) make money and (2) influence you with their ideas. I was going through the library and saw books such as:

God and Physics

I was thinking to myself, let’s open this up and read it. Then I realized… this is not going to make me smarter, this guy wrote this so I could read it.

Bottom line is read that which benefits you, in (1) deen, and (2) dunya – and don’t waste your time reading stuff that won’t benefit. Don’t just think that because someone has a Ph.D. that he knows anything – literally anything – especially in Islam (with the exception of Dr. Umar Abd-Allah, Dr. Shermain Jackson, and Dr. Abdal Hakim Murad – and maybe a few others).

So bottom line is remember that books are a business. I would reccomend if you are searching for the truth to look into Islam. If your already Muslim then the other books are not going to show you the truth — just falsehood. I assure you, I have read them all. You can go read them if you are really firm in your beliefs, know your Asharite-Maturidi kalam, and intend refutation after earning ijaza from a traditional scholar and asking his permission. Otherwise don’t waste your time. The truth is in the Qur’an, so quit buying books like “How to Be Happy!” or “God and Physics” or “The Freudian Theory of ___” etc.



Bacalah dengan bijak, Iqra bismirabbikallazi kholaq.

-Nabil Fahmi-



One thought on “Berfikir Sejenak…..

  1. How to be happy? ada je buku camtu – La Tahzan, Menjadi Wanita Paling Bahagia tulisan Dr. Aidh Al-Qarni. Hehe, but I know wut u meant. It’s true actually… doesn’t mean if u read a lot of books u can b smart, but depends on the book u read. (tau, tp maleh lagi nak baca buku2 medik yg berlambak2 tu…huhu). But for sure ur writing skill usually will get better…

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