IPEM’s Day Out!

Assalamualaikum to all IPEM members!

On this Wesak holiday, we planned to have the first meeting for all IPEM’s members at Bantimurung! Could you ask for more? (please not… hihi)

This is the tentative of the program:

6.30 am – Gather at Rusun

7.00 am – Leave for Bantimurung

8.30 am – Arrive at Bantimurung, breakfast

9.00 am – Program starts : Briefing about IPEM and the one day activities

9.30 am – Get to Know!

10.15 am – Literature Surgery

 11.15 am – Inspiration Session : Mandi!!!

12.00 pm – Photography session & Lunch

12.30 pm – End of program

Don’t forget to :

– Be on time!

– Bring stationary

– Bring money ( we’re going to have lunch at a restaurant somewhere near Bantimurung, hygiene is highly assured – don’t worry! )

– Bring clothes for water activities ( if you plan to )

Program fees : Rp 15000 (including breakfast, transport and entrance fee)

See you there!!! 😉


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