The 10th FIMA International CAMP for MEDICAL STUDENTS

19 – 24 July 2008 (16 – 21 Rajab 1429 H)
Selorejo Resort Area, Malang, INDONESIA

Islamic Medical Association in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (IMAKSA)/ World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)

•Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA)
•Indonesia Islamic Medical Association (IIMA)
•Universitas Islam Malang (UNISMA)

•Selorejo Resort Area, Malang, INDONESIA

Excellence and Distinction of Muslim Health Professional
The core program of this camp will focus on the areas of excellence and distinction of the Muslim health professionals. This stage of life and career is the best time to draw the attention of our Muslim medical students to work on the development of themselves in all aspects of personality. It boosts the development of essential skills expected to be prominent features of contemporary Muslim medical professionals. These skills compose aspects of the desirable personality inspired in the light of Islamic teachings and international standards. It promotes and excels the human development of our youth. It provides tools and open pathways to fulfill their ambitions to be successful in their life in general and their profession particularly. It discusses skills and issues that are not commonly learnt in formal university education and not included in traditional textbooks. It helps in directing the students of medicine and its branches to be effective participants in the development of their Muslim nation and the world in general.
The program will be performed in the format of a series of brief talks followed by group workshops on the same topics over the few days time of the camp.
Complementary programs will be given in form of lectures, discussion meetings and debates on Islamic and professional issues. Eminent local and international speakers are invited for participation in the camp activities.

•An annual gathering of Muslim medical students from all over the world.
•The students participate in a comprehensive program of educational, cultural, social, sport, tourist and recreational activities.
•The operations follow closely the scouting camp system.
•The administration of the camp and its activities are primarily run by the students themselves under supervision by senior doctors.
•The duration of the camp is full 6 days.

Time Schedule
•Registration time Any time from now till Deadline Date.
•Deadline date for Registration 1 July 2008
•Last Date of Arrival to camp site 18 July 2008
•Period of camping 19 – 24 JULY 2008
•Date of departure 25 July 2008

•To foster brotherhood among Muslim students of various Islamic Medical Associations (IMAs) and countries.
•To enhance mutual understanding and cooperation.
•To exchange information and experiences.
•To provide leadership training and organizational skills.
•To strengthen the involvement of students in IMA activities.
•To promote communication and networking among the student chapters of IMAs and other countries.

•Students of Medical and Health Colleges who are affiliated to and/or nominated by Islamic Medical Associations.
•“Students” can be extended to include first year house officer or newly graduate.
•Both males and females may be accepted for participation in this camp.
•“Medical and Health Colleges” could be college of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health sciences or any other health-related college.
•“Islamic Medical Associations” (IMAs) should be active, associate or pending members of FIMA.
Male and Female Segregation:
•In this particular camp, female medical students are welcome to participate with observation of the following conditions:
1.The males and females will be absolutely segregated in all activities during the whole period of program including residence, dining and sports places, transportation, recreational and social activities.
2.The only occasion were both males and females may share the activity is the cultural program in morning sessions from 9:00 AM to 1 PM. In such gathering there will be arrangement of each of them to be seated in one side of the lecture room. However, both groups will share questions and discussion.
3.Needless to say, both males and females are expected to be dressed in a descent Islamic style.

•Lectures & Seminars
•Roundtable discussions & Workshops
•Project presentation
•Spiritual sessions
•Cultural show
•Basic survival skills
•Outdoor activities and sports
•Educational tours
•Community Health Service

•The field language is English.
•The lecturers will specify their language of delivery. Simultaneous Arabic/English translation is provided.

•150 students
•Each IMA is allowed a maximum of 10 students, with more quotas for the organizing IMA and the host country. When females are participating, the male to female ratio should be 2:1.
•Supervisors: Each IMA should nominate 1 senior student to be the supervisor for the delegation. This supervisor is expected to take care of the communication between the camp supervisor and his IMA/delegation.

•The IMAs or individual students are responsible for the cost of their return tickets to hosting country as well as their Visa fees.
•There are NO registration fees for the camp.
•Accommodation, meals and local transportation will be provided FREE OF CHARGE by IMAKSA/WAMY during the sole days of camp activities.
•Participants are responsible for expenses of their stay during days outside the program period.

•Visa for entry into the hosting country is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the IMAs and/or the participants.
•IMAKSA, WAMY or IIMA unfortunately CANNOT secure visas for the participants.
•To avoid problems of entry visa, visitors should make sure that the expiry date of their passports is ATLEAST 6 months AfTEr THE DATE of expected return departure.
•The country status for entry visa to Indonesia is shown in details in the attached file tilted “Country Status for Visa”. It is extremely important to check the status of your country for visa now.

•The registration deadline is 1 July 2008
•All students must be registered by their own IMAs.
•Students not affiliated to any IMAs may register through a neighbouring IMA or apply directly.
•Kindly note that it is necessary to complete the attached “Registration Form” in Excel sheet and e-mail it to Dr. Atallah Al-Ruhaily, supervisor general of the camp on We strongly encourage getting the list of all participants from each IMA together in one sheet.
•The registration is not acceptable unless you receive acknowledgement and letter of acceptance from the camp supervisor.

•Participants are advised to arrange their flight reservation in ahead of time.
•The nearest airports that can be the final destination are Malang or Surabaya airports. The number of flights from Jakarta to Malang is very limited compared to those from Jakarta to Surabaya. In usual time (outside the rush hours) it takes approximately one and a half hour by bus from Surabaya to Malang.

•Receiving of participants at Airport of Malang or Surabaya and transportation to camp site will be arranged free of charge only if the full details of the confirmed flights of the participants are submitted to us ahead of time (at least one week before the camp i,e. before 12 July 2008)
•The camp administration is not responsible for reception of those who fail to abide with this condition.
•In communication with us for the itinerary of participants, we strongly encourage you to use the attached form titled “Flight Details Form” for clarity and convenience.
•Upon acceptance of registration, we will send you the contacts numbers for reception committee in airports.

Dr. Atallah Al-Ruhaily
Chairman, FIMA Students Affairs Council (FIMASAC)
Supervisor General, 10th FIMA Students Camp.


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