‘I Rebel, Therefore I Kill…’


It feels so great if we were to smash that elusive, solitary mosquito that’s been bugging us for the past ten minutes- injecting its little tentacle here and there, sucking blood (and perhaps transmitting Plasmodium falciparum in exchange) and leaving annoying itchiness from its half-drunk bite area before our hands vainly found their way to it, only milliseconds before it flew away. I remembered when I was small, after smashing the little monster; I used to pull off its wings, tentacle, and legs, just for the satisfaction of it. And in retrospect, I think that was quite sadistic for a child, never mind the fact that the act was partly justified since it was the mosquito that bit me in the first place. There was this- feeling of causing hurt and pain to something that has caused us pain first. Seriously, they don’t call it sweet revenge for nothing. Because it was so damn sweet that you could revel in it and you enjoyed it…very much.

Which brings me to the present.

There were many rumors that used to surround the occurrence of the Holocaust. Some say it never happened. It was no more than just ‘a fabrication of truth’, some sort of a sad story that was exaggerated to raise the world’s sympathy to the plight of the Israel dilemma. Of course, everybody had heard of the usual tales of Jewish males being castrated alive, people being gassed, mutilated, burnt, raped, and then killed, during the WW1. Only that, they were not just tales. They were very real. The Holocaust was recorded in the annals of history as one of the worst violations of human rights. Hundreds of thousands of Jewish men, women, and children were killed mercilessly by the Nazis, and the world has acknowledged their pain and sufferings for a long time now.

Yes, the world sympathized. But the world did not give a mandate for their sweet revenge.
Which is what is happening in Palestine now, in which they are literally painting the Palestine towns red…with blood.

And then there was Bosnia in which Bosnian Muslims and Christians, Serbs, and Croats that inhabit the same lands were fighting and killing each other for decades. This went way back, when the Ottoman empire came and conquered one third of the world, and the Yugoslav state was one of them. The Bosnian situation and complicated history demand extensive explanation and space in this article, the latter of which I don’t have. But at the risk of oversimplifying everything, the Serbs were adamant that the Bosnian Moslem population be wiped out clean, because during the Ottoman reign of power, a social differentiation based on class and religion has been introduced and subsequently, the Bosnian Moslems flourish- many of them became leaders and aristocrats of the community, while the Serbs did not. Therefore they felt victimized and were hell-bent on ‘rectifying’ this when the chance came. And the infamous Srebrenica tragedy was only a tiny fraction of their ‘revenge’ that has stood latent for so many years.

And then of course, there was- no, is, our beloved comrade- Indonesia, in which some major bombings have taken place, committed by Moslems as some sort of jihadi movement to protest against gross injustice of the American people who supported the Israeli cause in Palestine and the oil tug-of-war in Iraq. Never mind the fact that Australians, Dutch, English, other Europeans, and Indonesian Moslems themselves were inadvertent victims of their ‘holy cause’. (–We were very lucky to have been lectured by Dr.Peter who was directly involved in the dental identification of victims from the Bali bombings and the Aceh tsunami who graciously showed us all the photos and videos of those disasters and related his experience working alongside some great souls both nationally and internationally–)

Killing, torturing, and inflicting pain after being killed, tortured, and inflicted with pain felt so right. It’s like, it’s so natural that it has become a second nature to us. Primal nature. Belonging to the wilds- to the animals, and humanity have adopted this nature in our quest for the so-called Darwinian evolution, survival of the fittest, the stronger wins over the weaker…whatever that means to proponents or opponents of the Evolution Theory. As for me, it’s just one thing (or two?).

We are becoming more animal rather than human each day.
And the animals are becoming more human rather than animal each day.

So…we should probably take a pick now: to be human, or not to be human? And while deliberating over that, maybe any of us can try e-mailing this over to the Israeli government, all the ‘jihadists’ intent on bombing everything ‘western’, and last but not least, the White House, just for the fun of it. Or maybe now that Mr. Obama has become the new POTUS, they might have a different stance than before? Hm, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ll end this with these two contrasting verses from two poems by William Blake:

“…For Mercy has a Human Heart,
Pity a Human Face,
And Love, the Human Form Divine,
And Peace, the Human Dress.”

-Songs of Innocence-

“Cruelty has a Human Heart,
And Jealousy a Human Face,
Terror the Human Form Divine,
And Secrecy the Human Dress…”

-Songs of Experience-

Just my 2 cents,
-Stars of Jupiter-


5 thoughts on “‘I Rebel, Therefore I Kill…’

  1. Salam..
    ni just nak bagi cadangan kepada AJK IPEM.. apa kata bagi penghargaan kepada ahli yang aktif menyumbangkan karya/tulisannya kepada blog ipem ni.. sebab saya nampak lately banyak tulisan english yang mana saya rasa orang sama je kan yang tulis tu.. betulkan saudara yazid? 😉 daripada gaya bahasanya saya dapat tahu dah sape orang nya =) dan saya rasa tanpa hasil tulisan2 dia tu, blog ni semacam sepi skit dengan karya..memang ada tapi kurang hangat skit kan..hehe.banyak iklan…
    hm itu je lah.. sekadar cadangan.. okey =)

  2. wsalam.
    IPEM adalah kelab penulisan yang dibangun oleh ahli dan untuk ahli. kami sangat menggalakkan semua ahli untuk terlibat secara aktif untuk menyumbangkan karya-karya mereka di blog kita ini. tentang intensif kepada ahli kami yang aktif kami menyambut masukan tersebut dengan baik. akan kami pertimbangkan insyaAllah. kami juga berharap lebih ramai ahli dapat menyumbangkan idea dan karya-karya anda untuk memeriahkan lagi blog kita. akses karya anda ke blog kita sangat mudah. anda dapat mengirimkan email kepada ipem (ipem.makassar@gmail.com) atau langsung kepada saya (yazidsahak@gmail.com). blog kita, tanggungjawab kita 😉 terima kasih atas cadangan dari nama-lain-lagi. kami ingin menikmati karya dari anda semua!!

  3. Salam…saya kurang bersetuju dengan cadangan Nama-lain-lagi utk memberi ‘sumbangan’ kepada sesiapa yg aktif menyumbangkan ‘karya’ (kerana tak semua yang menulis mahu memanggil hasil tulisan mereka ‘karya’. They just want to get the idea thru to the masses) mereka di situs blog IPEM ni. Kita bukan mengekspresi ide untuk dihargai dengan hadiah. Sepatutnya blog seperti ini menjadi medan pencetusan dan penghidangan ide-ide di samping karya-karya penulis (yg jujur menulis, dan bukan berniat untuk dihadiahkan sesuatu). Sometimes we are so comfortable at one place for such a long time that we didn’t realize that we are supposed to Go On. So, i think we should Go On by expressing our thoughts (sincerely) on some important things that really matter. Widen our scope frens! =)

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