When the sky turns overcast
The rain might fall down at last
The people knew it without doubt
Here and there they scurried about

Scholars wailed at torn parchments
While imbeciles simply laughed out loud
They say, “Heck, just substitute them with replacements!”
Fools, they couldn’t see Knowledge has just been wiped out

Some people die young
While some withered away old
Some deaths left our eyes stung
While some just went by in a cold

Sweet poetry makes the hearts aflutter
Tragic calypsos put them in a splinter
Every great sin is often forgiven
Though never fade away unforgotten

Some battles are won, some battles are lost
No matter, they all came with a cost
In the mornings the children depart, all young and healthy
And by nightfall they return, body cold and eyes misty

The heavens are vibrant with colors at sunsets
And dazzling constellations make the heart melts
Another year has gone by unnoticed
Bidding adieus to loved ones dearly missed

For Al-Quds…if only we could do more than just poetry and prayers…

-By: JaggedMinstrel-


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