Crash & Burn

crash_There’s just something about being struck twice in a space of a couple of hours. Dazed, confused, overwhelmed, scared, grateful (for not being dead)- all jumbled up into a cacophony of Sick Feelings. It wouldn’t do good especially when both times the manner of crash was eerily similar. Somehow you’d think the next time you crash (more correctly being crashed upon) you won’t be so lucky.

But one thing’s for sure, this is exactly the kind of thing that certainly put your view of life on an uncharted territory. (Not perspective. Too mild for us grown-ups. Uncharted territory is more like it) What have I done wrong? Have I asked for forgiveness for every single dark sin that I’ve committed? Have I said enough thank you and I love you to the people I love? Have I learned enough? Have I done enough good in this world?

So many questions left unanswered.

So many things left undone.

So many places left unseen.

So many people to love and yet to be found and loved.

And so little time…indeed.

The scars and lacerations fade away in time…but memories, all fond and bitter- they’ll only get etched forever in your mind. In time, you won’t even remember it, but it’s there- already becoming a part of who you are and who you’re going to be.

Remember, our days in this world are numbered. So stop fooling around and get ourselves into serious business. This is not the moment where we’re testing the waters. It’s the moment where we wade deep, deep into it and use whatever we’ve acquired before to keep us from going under.

It’s bad to go under, just like it’s really bad to be crashed upon.

Trust me, I know :p



3 thoughts on “Crash & Burn

  1. I still find each day too short
    for all the thoughts I want to think,
    all the walks I want to take,
    all the books I want to read,
    and all the friends I want to see.


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