The New Old Makassar

It’s been four full years I stayed here in Makassar. It had really undergone a very impressive growth indeed. Lately I’ve been chatting with some Indonesian friends about their traditions and cultures. The red and white flag, the Phinisi boat and all the stuff. Indeed, I learn a lot about the impressive growth. Especially, the new Hasanuddin International airport…




Everyone must have agree, Makassar makes a tremendous impression on first sight nowadays. You see its new face immediately upon landing at Hasanuddin International Airport. It’s the feeling that amazed me when I first arrived at the airport. It’s much nicer than its previous dingy and chaotic manifestation. I have to admit, the new airport which began full operation on 15 August 2008, serves as a symbol of the rapid improvement of Makassar’s infrastructure.


At first, I was thinking it’s just another new modern KLIA airport style, looking at the design. But my friend told me a new view that makes me think; does KLIA have the same interventions too? Combining futuristic elements with South Sulawesi ornamentation, Hasanuddin International Airport’s progressive design does not neglect the traditional local spirit. Waves, representing the spirit of the Bugis and Makassar ethnic groups – known as great seafarers – are translated into the curves of the roof. Their vessels, the traditional Phinisi sailing ship, is portrayed in the main support pillars, while the terminal ceilings employ motifs from Mandar embroidery. The rest I assume is in tasteful modern style.


Not yet to say the new attractive decor set on Pantai Losari and Tanjung Bunga, the Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital is also undergoing transformation for the better. Improvements to tourism infrastructure can also be seen at the Karebosi soccer stadium, which will soon become a complete ‘sportainment’ complex. This is not to mention the five star-rated hotels – references stated there are now more than ten star-class hotels in Makassar – there are to accomodate visitors to the city.




For all these compared to four years ago, it is definitely much much better, I must say. Makassar is clearly working hard to modernize, and this is certainly necessary. Unfortunately I still find it’s hard to neglect the beauty of environment that astounds me the most. And how much those old unhealthy environment habits – spitting, littering, smoking, etc – distracts the beauty of the ‘new’ Makassar.


The infrastructures are indeed a proudly impressive growth for Makassar. But perhaps it would be a fantastic view with a little more environment improvement. It would be just nice to complete the infrastructure with a new healthy habit, yes? 😉


The Proud Outsider,

Halaa Burhanuddin,

IPEM Makassar.


5 thoughts on “The New Old Makassar

  1. makassar blossomed just because Jusuf Kalla was the vice-president. makassarian can wait no more to a superfast progress in their infrastructures as what had happen in a few years before. bout da attitude, well, there are facebook to make them more global and aware of ppl understanding about cleanliness . at least.

  2. akhi yazid. I have to disagree on you regarding the Jusuf Kalla role for the development happened to makassar. He didnt contribute much, i do believe that Makassar still heading this way even if he wasnt the vice president for the past 5 years.

    It’s like, Malaysia got where it is now, not because of Mahathir Muhammad was the Prime Minister at the era.

    Our faculty for example, had developed more than the city itself in the 5 years time and got nothing to do with him.

    Sis Halaa, i agree with most of the statement except for one thing
    “the Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital is also undergoing transformation for the better”. I dont know.

    . But the optimism is always the good way too see things.

    p/s :sorry for the language. i’m much more comfortable using Malays, but i have to improve my english.

  3. it is indeed something we can think about. we cannot also fully ignore jusuf kalla’s contribution on makassar. at least he made indonesia turn its head upon them.

    as for wahidin hospital, i think it undergone some improvements physically. perhaps there’s more to come, who knows. it’s just a piece of my point of view~

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