1Malaysia: Don’t let it become another rhetoric

It’s final. 1Malaysia finally hits Makassar. Hopefully by now our community should finally realize what the glitzy campaigns are all about back in our home country.  Just as a recap, the 1Malaysia concept emphasizes eight values which are perseverance, a culture of excellence, acceptance, loyalty, education, humility, integrity, and meritocracy. And we can find exactly what each of the value represents in the official 1Malaysia booklet. (link: http://www.1malaysia.com.my/about-1malaysia/1malaysia-booklet)

Reading the booklet will probably enlighten our otherwise not-so-enlightened perspective. Notwithstanding the fact that each governing leader of our country somehow has imperative, almost compulsive need to come up with fancy slogans every time they come to power, we should really look into this matter at hand.

The 1Malaysia campaign. The 1Malaysia concept. Should we need extravagant (read: expensive) campaigns to remind us that yes, we are a uniquely multiracial and multireligious country who call ourselves ‘Malaysian’ everytime we are asked of our nationality? Although of course, time and again there would be minor (and major) disagreements- weird, violent, irrational, silly antics or ‘incidents’ between our respective backgrounds. But then again, this went way back to pre and post independence era. It hath happened before. The leader(s) responsible for initiating these so-called ‘unity’ campaigns should actually do it wholeheartedly and with deep, powerful understanding of the subject, and finally executing the proposed plan to action…till it became a reality, no matter how long it will take or how difficult it will be, instead of becoming some vapid, shallow ‘masterpiece’ that lacks true meaning.

I am not exactly against this 1Malaysia campaign. In fact, I almost agree that we need some kind of a boost to re-nurture and re-embrace our (yes..sorry I have to repeat it again) multiracial, multiethnicity, and multireligious identity as a true-blue Malaysian. Or, do you think that probably it is time to take the matter into our own hands and start spreading the message using our way, in whichever style that we liked best? And that would be our very own Makassar-styled 1Malaysia campaign? I sincerely hope that it’ll work out. So, let us all carry a torch for this all the way to the end. Go go 1Malaysia Makassar!




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