The Art Healing of Colors

Chromotherapy or color light therapy has been use to help with healing since ancient Egypt,  China and India. For countries, it has been used as a supportive treatment for diseases, along with proper diet, rest, exercise and tinctures. While critics call it pseudoscientific,  modern Chromotherapy has involved into a popular complimentary therapy where colored light are applied directly on a specific parts of the body that correspond with the complaint based on the concept of the seven chakras in Ayurveda. It also known to help restore balance in the human body.

A study at the New England State Hospital in America where 25 stuff members with normal blood pressure were bathed in blue light for half and hour revealed a fall in blood pressure,  while those exposed to red light had elevated blood pressure.


This is an energising colour used to stimulate arterial blood and bring warmth to cool extremities. It’s use in the complimentary treatment of low blood pressure, rheumatism, paralysis, anemia and advanced causes of tuberculosis.


This colour is used to stimulate blood supply and invigorate nerves. It’s used in the complimentary treatment of kidney and gallstones, hernia and appendicitis.


A colour related to emotional health., it’s used in the complimentary treatment of nervous and emotional disturbances, arthritis and insomnia.


Generally used in the complimentary treatment related to the brain, liver, spleen, and treatment of diabetes, indigestion, kidney and liver diso


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