Poetry Writing Contest Poems

Okay, just as promised, I post this for others to read the poems submitted during English Week Poetry contest. I wrote each types of poems in other post and this is just to make a clear example. They were all nice pieces, have a read at them. Feel free to refer to the post ‘Poetry Writing’ for guidance. And perhaps try to write one yourself~! 😉


1. Sonnet Infinity

Shall we compare you to a beast parasite?

You are more callous and more bestial in our holy native habitat:

Your stings are heartless missiles and blind bullets,

Never satiate of ceaseless blitz and perennial blast,

The blood of our innocent kids, defenceless women, and frail elders are your appetizer,

Whilst your foremost meal are the genuine landlords massacre,

And a slice of sought-after land, are your rapacious feast awaited most desire.

Arrogantly you trample on the loud humanitarian voice,

Blowing up the white-phosphorus tempest,

From coast-to-coast you make specious act,

And our patriots were martyred in a barbaric holocaust.

But there is always a flickering trust in our eyes,

That they are all alive in His Paradise.

So long as this can be perceived,

So long the universe can see your cruelty.


2. On The Street Where We Lived

On the street where we lived,

there’s a streetlamp.

It’s orange light illuminates the black dusty pavement.


On the street where we lived,

there’s a tree stump.

It’s atop manifest with green emerald mosses.


On the street where we lived,

there’s a nonstop traffic passing by.

Filled the atmosphere with carbon monoxide.


On the street where we lived,

there’s a change of weather.

We’re so accustomed it makes no difference,

cause we’re really truly living on the street.


3. Voice

I have ever wondered –

Why the billion of the so-called

Brothers and sisters around the world,

Can just see and laugh, sit and eat,

While we here are hardly even sleep.


I have always wished,

The globe has eyes to perceive,

That the blind bullets and missiles,

Destroy not the deserved parasite beast,

But the frail elders, women, and innocent kids.


And I have always dream,

The humanity has mouth to scream,

To the arrogant and bestial regime,

To leave our holy native land in peace,

And return back our divine gift.


4. A Noble Role

The winding roads open their arms for me,

Where is this I arrived at? What is this destined to happen?

The train of dreams stopped for a few moments,

I realize I am now here in the axis of humanity

This is why endlessly will be fuelled my train of dreams

Till it reaches the station of attainment, I will strive

So that I could present a portion of myself,

To battle and fight the demons of humanity

Whom who do not follow any laws or commandments

Perhaps I may not have all the strength to discontinue these phases of rage,

But I would furnish my best to decelerate its headway

And bestow every degree of my breath to stand against these immoralities

For your sake humanity, with my eyes yearning for your blossom I will live

For your sake humanity, I will swallow all my tears, making me a stronger warrior

Because in my heart, I know that I am just a dust in the air,

Without the compassion of humanity, for which I am what I am

Because in my heart, the candle of love and compassion continues to burn

I am your poet, and you are my poem.


5. Human, Not an Animal

Having said that

Under the Law of God

Man created, lead by Adam

And the followed by Eve

Next, just after the Heaven life,

In the world of reality

They breeds and produce many more

Yet we called ‘Human’, not an animal…



So the times pass by


Although here is our arrival

Long way behind us, uncountable miles

Left in the beauty of peace


Wonder why we want to turn back

Either sooner of later, let rest after living track


Neither tomorrow nor before, without realizing

Every second, minute, hour, day

East, west, north, and south

Done in once…


Humanity is all we need!!!


6. Troubled Times

Spare some change

I am hungry

I am cold

I am tired


Spare some change

I am sick

I am diseased

I am troubled


Spare some change

I no longer have lovers

I no longer have parents

I no longer have brothers


Spare some change

I have no country

I have no nationality

I have nothing


Spare some change

Spare me this life

Misery and pain.


7. The March

Do not tell me your war stories

They sicken me

They disgust me

I do not see the point in innocent dying


Justice isn’t obtained

Certainly not through brutality

Hate and anger and your other ideals

Robs mothers of their children


I see no logic holding the gun

Shooting a brother, a sister, a father, a mother

All that’s left is destruction

Nothing to glorify in your history books


In the name of your country you rob and rape

Others of life and modesty

Don’t you see them as they are

Human beings just like you



I see a new day is dawning

Before you start regressing

Then nothing was worth your time and life


8. Gaza’s Night

Dark night turns bright,

Not because of the disco lights,

But because of the burning buildings,

Turning everything into nothing,


The silence is broken,

Not because of the loud music,

But bombs exploding,

Guns shooting,

Killing the innocents,


People are shouting,

Rising their hands in the air,

Not because of dancing,

Or enjoying the music

But crying and begging,

For help and mercy,


The air is foul,

Not because of the alcohol,

Or the dripping sweats,

But because of the soulless bodies,

And the ocean of blood,

Many life’s lost in one night,


Thus the silence returns,

Not because the party has end,

There is no one there,

But who cares?

You and I just watch and stares…


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